Blue Sign ®︎

 What is a blue sign?

In the textile industry, it is the certification granted to products that have undergone a sustainable supply chain from an environmental, labor and consumer perspective.

This certification is said to be the strictest standard in the world, and by receiving it, we can prove the world's highest level of consumer safety, minimal impact on workers and the environment, and resource saving. I will.

The textile industry has problems such as environmental protection, water shortages, and soaring prices of raw materials, and it is necessary to review the entire production process.

Efforts for sustainability as HARVEST LABEL

Our harvest label
Charismatic designer who built historyKoichi YamaguchiInheriting the DNA of"FLYER'S"Used by the U.S. Air Force"MA-1"Developed with the image of a jacket

Original CORDURA Bonding High Density Nylon Fabric,As an initiative aimed at protecting the environment
Blue signWe have developed the dough in a certified factory that meets the standards.

By applying fibers that meet the Blue Sign Criteria, we strive to improve the highest levels of consumer safety and continuous improvement of environmental performance, saving resources and minimizing human and environmental impacts. I will continue to make efforts.

Products using the original CORDURA bonding high density nylon fabricClick here for the guidelines.から