Original FSC certified paper bag

For a sustainable future
What we can do with our customers

Regarding the handling of original paper bags using environmentally friendly "FSC® certified paper" as part of our efforts toward SDGs.

◆ For products within the product size H490cm x W320cm x H110cm,
We will pack it in an original FSC® certified paper bag.

Harvest Co., Ltd. has always used environmentally friendly recycled paper, but as one of its sustainability promotion measures, it is a sustainable production and resource through further waste control, reduce, reuse, and recycling. We have begun handling original paper bags using FSC® certified paper in order to review the materials used for packaging and actively use used paper and certified paper.

What is the FSC® Forest Certification System?

FSC [Forest Stewardship Council] Forest certification is "Well-Managed" ("Well-Managed"), which was born against the background of global forest depletion and deterioration problems and rising green consumerism. It is a system to certify.
FSC forest certification certifies well-managed forests based on the FSC® 10 Principles and Criteria for Forest Management.Products made from certified forest products carry the FSC® logo to inform consumers that they are certified products.


FSC Mix Label is a product that uses raw materials from FSC certified forests, controlled wood and recycled materials that meet the standards.
Managed timber is timber that has been illegally logged, timber that has been logged in violation of traditional rights or citizenship, timber that has been logged from a forest whose high conservation value is threatened by management activities, plantations or It is timber that has been logged from a forest that is being converted to non-forest use, and that has been proven not to be timber from a forest in which genetically modified trees are planted.
Recycled materials refer to market-recovery (post-consumer) or industrial-recovery (pre-consumer) raw materials that are recognized by FSC standards.

FSC® certified original paper bag

Products within H490 x W320 x H110 will be packed in an original FSC® certified paper bag.
Items larger than the above and leather items will continue to be packed in cardboard.