The new sensation bag "WINGMAN", which has received a lot of support from crowdfunding, is now available in more colors!

Slim but expandable, with excellent storage and water repellency.4-WAY next-generation bag "WINGMAN" that can be used both on and off, sticking to Japanese products.

As a next-generation 4-WAY active business bag, we challenged various crowdfunding from the end of last year to June of this year, and thanks to you, we greatly achieved the target amount and succeeded in the project with the support of more than 6 people. Let's "WINGMAN".
We are very pleased to have the opportunity to let customers who have never known the Harvest Label know about it.

Inquiries continued even after the publication ended, and there were many inquiries about other colors, so AFB (Air Force Blue) and SG (Sage Green), which are also the brand colors of the Harvest Label. We will add two colors and sell it exclusively on the official site.

Developed under the theme of "the best companion for work and play" that matches the lifestyle of the future in the changing work and lifestyle in the corona wreckage, it is made in Japan and is minimal yet has storage capacity and water repellency. Also excellent 4-WAY bag.
We will sell next-generation bags for those who enjoy both on and off with all their might, exclusively on the Harvest Label official website.

● From the left[Air Force Blue][Sage green] [Black]

Click here for next-generation 4-WAY BAG "WING MAN"

"WINGMAN" crowdfunding press release list

◆ Is this just right?I tried a 4way mini bag packed with the commitment of domestic brands

◆ From the domestic brand "HARVEST LABEL"!Pre-sale of 4way bag "WINGMAN" that can be turned on and off is about to end

◆ A perfect balance between slimness and storage capacity!Preceding campaign for 4way multi-bag from domestic brand is about to end

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