WINGMAN is back with next-generation crowdfunding "machi-ya"!

Thanks to the launch of the brand, we were able to celebrate the 25th anniversary this year.
Until now, we have been particular about Made in Japan (Custom Osaka) under the direct management of the factory here in Higashi Osaka.
We have operated as a factory brand, but as the next step
"moreI want people all over the country to know!""I want to be a brand that represents the region. "
From the idea that, from 2021, through crowdfunding
We are continuing to take on new challenges.
In the domestic crowdfunding that was posted from December 2020st to January 12st, 1 as the first step
With the support of 169 people, the target amount was significantly exceeded,
Thanks to you, we were able to exceed 300 million.
Inquiries continue even after the publication ends,
Also, "I want you to know HARVEST LABEL in more places than ever before."
Including the thought, we will post it on machi-ya this time.


Crowdfunding “machi-ya”

"WINGMAN" project
Starts on Thursday, March 2021, 3!

It is open to the public until January 2021, 5.
Please have a look.

◆ What is WINGMAN?

"The best companion for work and play half a step ahead. Next-generation 4-WAY active business bag that sticks to Japanese products."

In the changing work and lifestyle, it is a thing of the past to change the bag according to the purpose.
Match your future lifestyle
Adapting to a new standard work style with the theme of "the best companion for work and play",
Developed a 4-WAY specification bag that is minimal but has excellent storage capacity and water repellency.
It is a functional beauty business bag that has been carefully selected with MADE IN JAPAN technology for those who want to turn it on and off with all their might.


The 4-WAY bag that can be used in any situation is inspired by the handbags that are announced every year by high-end brands.
Considering for men, assuming that you will carry it from the office to after-sales and on weekends as it is
The concept is "4-WAY bag that can be freely changed."
We focused on the design that matches various styles and the convenience of being able to put it in and out while hanging it on your arm or shoulder.

Excellent storage capacity even with a slim design!


Considering modern work and play, it looks thin and compact as a business bag, but
Achieves outstanding storage capacity with extended functions.

More than ever, we focused on functionality and sought fashion.
We would be grateful if you could support the efforts of the new Harvest Label.
I'm thrilled if the new challenge will work ...
We will continue to take on various challenges.
Thank you for your support and support.

Crowdfunding “machi-ya”
Pre-order sale


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