HARVEST LABEL "VISA" "MY LOUNGE" November 2020.11 issue

LITE SPAN was featured in "VISA" and "MY LOUNGE".


From HARVEST LABELExpandable bag whose capacity can be changed according to the scene!

Everyone should experience a situation where the amount of luggage increases more than expected and the bag on hand does not fit.Expandable light span series that comes in handy at such times.

If you open the zipper in the center and extend it, the storage capacity will increase.In addition, the commitment unique to Japan-made, which pursues durability while being an ultra-lightweight material, is also attractive.


・ HS-0351 <Mini shoulder>W19 × H16 ~ 29 × D11cm ¥ 9,000 (+ tax)  

・ HS-0355 <Tote>W38 × H26 ~ 36 × D15cm ¥ 13,500 (+ tax)  


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