HL x COFB Double Name Project

A new brand based in Los Angeles, USA
A collaboration between CODE OF BELL and HARVEST LABEL.

CODEOFBELL (abbreviated as COFB)

From the brand, which is growing in popularity, such as winning the body bag category at the bag award held every year at Carryology
One email arrived two years ago.
Consistent in-house production + sticking to Japanese products, longing for our belief in manufacturing and design, and also being a fan for many years
The conversation started when I was asked if I could work on a project together.
The founder of COFB uses auction sites and has more than 20 bags including past FLYER'S, SUPER HARCULES and RUNNER.

Normally, we wouldn't hear about collaborations between the same industries, which we see as rivals, but with too strong demands and passion, we couldn't say no, and this project was realized.
Over the next nine months, based on the COFB bag, we fused the Harvest Label's unique commitment and design elements, and produced each one in Custom Osaka to complete a limited quantity product with special specifications.

Also, another point that was born during the conversation.
A completely original utility strap will also be released (mid-November).

A fusion of Japanese and American bag brands.
The first time it will be sold in advance only on the harvest label site for Japan.

HL x COFB Double Name Project 
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Product Details

・ X-POD / CROSSPACK-S model / body H.C.B-0071

・ ANNEX LINER model / Sakosh shoulder H.C.B-0072

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