Eco bag proposed by HL

With the charge for plastic shopping bags from July, various eco-bags have been released, but HARVEST LABEL proposes. .. ..

A tote bag with an inner bag that allows you to double the capacity of the bag and the scene where you use it!

The Barrett line tote bag, which is active as a business tote, comes with an inner bag!

Moreover, unlike ordinary inner bags, it is an excellent item that can be used as a casual tote as it is by removing it.

Not just as a "design that can be used on and off", but also as a shopping bag for shopping after work or when you have more luggage on a business trip!

The camouflage fabric used in the inner bag is an improved version of the original parachute fabric, so I'm grateful that it's light and durable!Moreover, the shoulder strap can be used for the inner bag, so you don't have to worry about your hands getting blocked.

BULLET LINE 2WAY tote with inner bag (small) Click here for products
BULLET LINE 2WAY tote with inner bag (large)    Click here for products

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