Easy to hold even for men!Packable eco bag is now available!

I think there are many people who buy drinks at convenience stores, lunch boxes, and sake and delicatessen on their way home from work.

Therefore, although there are many eco-bags for women, HARVEST LABEL has released a simple men's convenience store eco-bag "FLYER'S ZIP" specialized for men, which was unlikely.

this"FLYER'S ZIP "The series is a convenience store eco bag made with men in mind, and there are three types: mini size, lunch box size, and tote size, conscious of the size of the shopping bag at the convenience store.Is available.

While most of the eco-bags are produced overseas, "FLYER'S ZIP" is a MADE IN JAPAN item that has been consistently done in Japan from design to sewing.

About the material

The material used is 66D 30 nylon ripstop, which is made from INVISTA's CORDURA 66 nylon yarn, which has excellent durability and abrasion resistance, in a ripstop weave (lattice pattern).It is lightweight yet strong, and has excellent water repellency and wear resistance.


Use properly according to the amount

The mini size is a slim type that can be stored lightly and compactly, so it fits smartly even if you put it in your commuting bag pocket or suit pocket.


The tote size is perfect for days when you shop a little more!Since it has a carabiner, it can be attached to a belt loop or bag, making it convenient to carry.


Lunch box size isThanks to the generous gusset, you can carry your lunch horizontally and decorate it.Also with a bottle holderBecause it is, you can carry tea and coffee with confidence.



"FLYER'S ZIP" is a packable (foldable) type eco-bag that comes out when you open the zipper zip, which is also the name of the series.The bottom is designed so that the surface when folded is on the bottom when unfolded, so the bottom is stable.


Precautions for use

・ Please refrain from washing(I.e.
・ If it gets dirty, wipe it off with a wet cloth.
-Since it is folded into a small size and stored, there are folding wrinkles when opening.


A special drawstring pouch that is also a great giftenter

As it comes with a package, you can hand it over as it is, and a practical eco bag that can be used every day is a little thank you or give back. It is also recommended as a small gift.

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