[Published in the January issue of VISA] The third reprint of FLYER'S! Limited quantity of 1WAY mini shoulders on sale! !!

The third in the FLYER'S limited reprint series, which proposes a new masterpiece model for the present age.
This item, which will be the final of the FLYER'S reprint, is a 2-way mini shoulder bag.
Released in 1996, this is one of the masterpieces of the harvest label. FLYER'SInspired by the US Air Force flight jacket "MA-1", Japan's leading bag designer Koichi Yamaguchi is a series that sticks to the same tailoring as the real military, up to the pitch of the sewing stitches.
The original reproduction of the supervision of the craftsmen who were involved in the production at that time was realized.

Reproduce the details at the time of release

The metal parts such as Naskan, D-can, and fasteners have a base that appears as you use them, and adopts a dar-plated matte finish that allows you to enjoy aging.
The parts that are particular about the details are reproduced as they were at that time.


The belt loop for the waist bag on the back also adopts the design of that time.

Remove the shoulder strap and pass the belt through the loop to make it a waist bag!Ideal for outdoor activities and cycling.



The woven name used at that time is used for the interior of the main body.




It is a size that is easy to use as a one-mile bag for everyday use from travel.





HARVEST LABEL First limited quantity product
Product number: HJH-4023_R
Release date: December 2020, 12-
Price: 17,050 yen (tax included)
Color: BLK (black), AFB (air force blue), SG (sage green)
Size: W: 24 cm x H: 14 cm x D: 5 cm

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