How did you come across HL?

Collector's profile
Name: Maki
Collector history: over 15 years
Occupation: Dental technician
I make my own handcrafted leather products
instagram @makileather

When I was surfing the internet when the internet started to spread,  
I was a designer of the PORTER bag Yoshida bag that was popular at that time.
I think it was because I found and read the writings of enthusiasts about Koichi Yamaguchi.
I remember honestly thinking, "I'm a great person ...".
I'm confident I like military fashion items such as MA-1 jackets and Luminox, so when I gathered various information from them, I was connected to the Harvest label and thought "I want this!", So I went to buy it. ..


I started to buy Harvest Label bags repeatedly
Is there a specific reason?

Unlike the bags I used to use, it doesn't lose its shape!
Also, the corners of the bag are not threaded! !!After all this is amazing.
It was expensive, but it was worth buying (laughs) Then, I bought several HARVEST LABEL bags in quick succession ... before I knew it.
Some have been left unused since I bought them.In the first place, I'm not a collector, but a fan of HARVEST LABEL bags.So, at first I bought it for use, but as I bought some, there were some limited ones, so I couldn't use it because it was a waste (laughs).
All of them aren't produced now, so I don't want to waste them ... (laughs) 


Bandana produced as a promotion for the 10th anniversary



 How was it actually used?

To be honest, some of them are not easy to use.It's a little heavy, and the size is subtle for everyday use (laughs).
But that
There is more splendor than that.For example, "I wish there was a pocket here ..." that I felt with other bags such as the position and size of the pocket.There is no stress at all, and there are functions you want where you want them!It is such a bag.  




Maki himself is also making things.
Honestly, what about HL products as seen by craftsmen?

When I actually purchased it, I found that the construction was different, from the fabric material to the parts such as fasteners and snap buttons.
Very unwieldy
I felt that I was using parts.And I'm using the real thing.
However, it's too real and the fasteners and fabrics are hard and rugged. It's a little difficult to use, though (laughs)But as I use it, it gets used to my body and hands.
And that is
The feeling of becoming attached is also good. 


Harvest is also celebrating its 25th anniversary. We are planning a reprint of FLYER'S.

FLYER'S is a series that can be said to be a masterpiece of HARVEST LABEL, so I'm really looking forward to the second reprint.


Introduction of out-of-print models, etc.


(1) The bag worn by Maki is the initial model of FLYER'S released in 2001.
Part number HJH-4022 SG ¥ 31,800 (at that time)
* Collaboration (double name) model with Eikichi Yazawa to commemorate the 2002th anniversary tour in 30.

This model is decided to be the second 25th anniversary project FLYER'S!

(2) The first reprint of the 25th anniversary FLYER'S HJH-4008_R / HJH-4009_R has ended with great popularity.
In the second installment, the backpack, tote, and 2way waist are reprinted, including the type worn by Maki this time!
 (This event has ended)






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