CODO x HARVEST LABEL collaboration hanten & drawstring purse

Factory brand of a long-established garment factory[co: do][HARVEST LABEL]Collaboration items,

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Hanten with FLYER'S bonding nylon in the pocket

The theme of "use for a long time with attachment""Co: do"When,
The theme is "a bag that is not the best when you buy it""HARVEST LABEL".
Although the language is different, I want to create a product that can be used as a good companion, as each user's taste is born over a long period of use.
I sympathize with having the same meaning, and this collaboration product was born.
By combining the fabrics used by each brand for items in a combination design,
It is a gem that is full of the charm of both.

A drawstring purse with a combination design that is designed to be coordinated with a hanten.

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