FLYER'S 70XX has started pre-ordering for future shopping!

Upgrade your 90's phantom bag to match the modern era!
11-pocket backpack made in Japan [FLYER'S 70XX] is available for pre-order at Future Shopping!

More than 20 years after the release of HARVEST LABEL's masterpiece "Super Hercules", "FLYER'S 70XX" has finally been reborn with a number of new specifications that are indispensable to our daily lives. Pre-order sales start at "Shopping".

As the first step, we were able to reach the target amount in the overseas crowdfunding "KICKSTARTER" posted from July 2021th to August 7th, 16, and it was introduced in the Australian information magazine "carryology". , Collected many topics.


Inquiries about domestic sales continue even after the publication ends, and we want you to know HARVEST LABEL in more places than ever before, so we will post it in "Future Shopping" I will do it.

Crowdfunding “Future Shopping”

"FLYER'S 70XX" project
Starts on Tuesday, October 2021, 10!

It is open to the public until January 2021, 11.
Please have a look.

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