Hercules' masterpiece "Survival Backpack" has been updated to new specifications!

Hercules' masterpiece "Survival Backpack (HJ-7011)" has been updated to new specifications, and pre-orders have started from crowdfunding in the United States!

Since its announcement in 1998, the "SUPER HARCULES" series has received many reprints among HARVEST LABEL, which still has many fans.

Among them, the daypack (HJ-7011) of the "SUPER HARCULES" series, which was popular from that time, was developed with the motif of the US Air Force flight jacket "MA-1" which was also used in the same brand's masterpiece "FLYER'S". We have updated the specifications to fit the modern lifestyle with the original fabric.

"FLYER'S 70XX" has been updated by reviewing its size and specifications while faithfully maintaining the design at that time.
Available in three colors: black, sage green, and air force blue.In addition, the metal fasteners and snap buttons that we continue to use as they were at that time have adopted a dal plating process that allows you to enjoy aging as you use them.

Challenge the world-famous crowdfunding "KICKSTARTER"!

This time, by challenging the crowdfunding "KICKSTARTER", which has many users worldwide,
We hope that many people will know the goodness of HARVEST LABEL and the strength of MADE in JAPAN not only in Japan but all over the world.
If you would like to purchase it first, please see "KICKSTARTER".

"FLYER'S 70XX" project
Start on Friday, December 2021, 7!

It is open to the public until January 2021, 8.
Please have a look.

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