All over Japan full price chance!Super PayPay Jumbo now being held!

All over Japan full price chance!Super PayPay Jumbo now being held!

If you pay with your PayPay balance at this store during the period, you will have a chance to get the full amount of the first prize back in the lottery after shopping!

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>> Japan full price chance!super pay pay jumbo

*If you have any questions about PayPay Jumbo, please contact the PayPay inquiry window.

■Official name All Japan Chance!super pay pay jumbo

■ Campaign period

■Target stores
PayPay merchants excluding non-target industries

■ Target payment
PayPay payment by the following payment methods
・PayPay balance
・PayPay deferred payment
・PayPay card (including old Yahoo! JAPAN card)
・PayPay deferred payment (lump sum only)

■Grant rate, grant upper limit
One of the following wins with a winning probability of about 1/4.

1st prize: 100% of the settlement amount
2st prize: 5% of the settlement amount
3st prize: 0.5% of the settlement amount

Grant upper limit: equivalent to 10 points / time and period

In addition, depending on conditions such as the payment method, the number of lotteries may be increased, increasing the odds of winning.
・ Payment after payment * 1 and identity confirmation: Up to 3 lotteries (probability of winning about 3/4)
・ Payment after payment * 1 or identity verification: Up to 2 lotteries (probability of winning about 2/4)

*1 Deferred payment (lump-sum payment only) is also eligible for deferred payment.
* The grant rate and grant upper limit will be the same as above.
*Even if you draw multiple times, you will only win once, and if you win the first or second time,
The remaining draws will not be conducted.
* Based on our estimated number of payments, we set the winning probability of each. "Possibility of winning/4" indicates the probability of winning for each payment, and does not necessarily mean that you will win for each probability of winning.

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