XNUMXnd instagram gift campaign 

A total of 12 people will win a bag that is very active in the summer!
\ Instagram present campaign XNUMXnd /

The campaign has ended.
Thank you for many applications!

It's summer!The leisure season has arrived! !!Let's go out! !! !!
In the second gift campaign, HARVEST LABEL will support your summer with all your might.
We will select only first-class products using high-strength materials that are lightweight yet durable and wear-resistant, and we will present a total of 12 people by lottery with a "buddy bag" that assists summer activities lightly.

Everyone, please apply.

【Application method】
STEP ① ▶ ︎HARVEST LABEL instagram account @harvestlabel_official Follow.
STEP② ▶ ︎Like this post Click here for the posting page

(Note 1)If you have a bag of your choice, please let us know in the comments.
(Note 2)You can choose the color here.

【Application period】
Deadline: July 2022, 7 (Friday) -July 8, 2022 (Tuesday) 7:21

[Number of winners]
12 people in total

[Determination of winners]
Around late December
* Winners will be notified by DM.
Products can only be shipped within Japan.
The product is scheduled to be shipped in early August, but please note that it may change depending on the situation.

【Heads up】
Please be careful about fake accounts disguised as HARVEST LABEL official Instagram account @harvestlabel_official.

・ Winners will be contacted by DM from the HARVEST LABEL official account @harvestlabel_official.
* Please be careful about DM from fake accounts.
・ Never access the URL provided by the fake account.
(Recipient information and personal information may be acquired by the sender and misused)
・ Anyone who lives in Japan and has an Instagram account can apply.
・ The announcement of the winners will be replaced by contacting the winners.We will not notify you of the loss.
・ Applicants are responsible for all expenses related to communication such as provider usage fees, electricity usage, and packet communication fees, which are required when applying for this campaign.
・ This campaign is not supported, approved, operated or involved by Instagram.
・ Participation in this campaign shall be at the discretion and responsibility of the applicant, and if any damage occurs to the applicant regarding the application, we will not take any responsibility except for those caused by our intentional or gross negligence. ..Please note that.
・ In the following cases, the right to win the lottery will be invalidated.Please note.
① If you are unfollowed at the time of winning, if you have withdrawn from Instagram, or if it is set to private
② If the prize delivery address information is not registered by the deadline after the notification of winning
③ If the prize cannot be delivered due to inadequate delivery address information or long absence.
・ The right to win is limited to the winner.It cannot be transferred, resold or redeemed to family or friends.
* We cannot answer inquiries regarding the lottery and winning results.
・ Due to various circumstances, this campaign may be canceled without notice.Please note.

We will wait for the application of everybody.

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