Website renewal!

About using the shopping site

Thank you for using the Harvest Corporation official website.
HARVEST LABEL is to send to the world from the desire to let more people know and have the manufacturing that is particular about Japanese products made in "Custom Osaka".
We have launched our own shopping site.
Therefore, please check some precautions when using the HARVEST LABEL shopping site.

▶ ︎About e-mail newsletter registration
The content of the e-mail newsletter is different from Harvest Corporation and HARVEST LABEL.
For those who want to catch HARVEST LABEL information as soon as possible
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please re-register.

▶ ︎Registration of member (account)
It will be a separate site from Harvest Corporation, so if you wish to purchase it, you will need to register for an account again.

▶ ︎About points
HARVEST LABEL does not have a point system so far.
Harvest Corporation official site points accumulated
If you want to use it on the HARVEST LABEL official site,
We will issue a coupon as a substitute.
If you wish, please follow the procedure below.

Procedure procedure
① Register your e-mail newsletter with HARVEST LABEL

②The following information to

Title "Point transfer hope"
Body 1) Name
              2) Email address registered on Harvest official website
              3) Email address registered with HARVEST LABEL

*If you have any other questions,
Please note that we will confirm your address etc. to verify your identity.

③ Can be used on the HARVEST LABEL official site
We will send you a coupon code of the same amount as the points by email.

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