Information for the year-end and New Year holidays

Information on New Year's business days

Thank you for using our store.
Information on the year-end and New Year holidays.

December 2020, 12 (Tuesday) -January 29, 2020 (Monday)
Please note that we cannot reply to or respond to all shipping and inquiry counter operations.

We are open 24 hours a day, regardless of holidays.

Delivery within the year ... The final order will be placed at 2020:12 on Saturday, December 26, 23.
New Year's delivery ... Customers who place an order after 2020:12 on Sunday, December 27, 0

We will ship sequentially from January 2021, 1 (Tuesday).
* Depending on the shipping company, it may not be possible to specify the delivery time.

[Caution for specifying delivery date]
Even if you specify the schedule below, we may not be able to deliver it.
Please note that if you specify it, we will correct it here.
Date and time cannot be specified Period: December 2020, 12 (Sun) -January 27, 2021 (Thursday)

We will be closed from December 2020, 12 (Tuesday) to January 29, 2021 (Monday).

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